Infallible Journey of the Soul

I look at you and my eyes fill up. My throat cloggs. My heart pounds. Suddenly a tear releases, face flushed. Body hot. I feel before I can [...]

Healing Words from the Angels 54 of 365

Your true and inner self is unscarred, unwounded, and fully confident in living a peaceful life so that all may benefit. [...]

Four Horsemen

FOUR HORSEMEN is an award winning independent feature documentary which lifts the lid on how the world really works. As we will never retur [...]

White Collar Criminals in Modern Management an article by Petter Gottschalk a leading expert

White-collar crime is financial crime committed by trusted persons in important business positions. Institutional theory of moral collapse c [...]

White Eagle Lodge Australasia Headquarters Temple Activities

WEEKLY ACTIVITIES – 2014 Monday – Friday 12 noon World Healing Prayers Monday 9.30am – 11 a.m. Dru Yoga with Clare Tuesday [...]

Teri Lynn Hinkle writes about ‘Critical Thinking’ regarding “BOTH ROADS LEAD TO HELL”

I did not put Teri’s work here, to critique her work in anyway. I was actually more amazed at the fact that a Grandma in Alabama has done [...]

Website is being updated

Website is being updated As some of you may already know, the site is going through a metamorphosis. Yes, a reflection of what is happening [...]

Quoted for reference to holocaust in a Sydney Morning Herald article scrutinising ASIC

“When one is financially destitute there’s not much difference between existence and death in the western world.” Dianne M [...]
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