About Dianne Mead

I Stand for Well Being and Quality of Life, particularly for the single parent and their child or children.

“About” pages are a work in progress and yet you’ve hit the button to find out more.

I guess firstly, do you want to know about me, what I can do for you or what we can achieve together?

Forewarning, I Destest ‘About me’ Pages

This would be a really good time to mention I detest “About me” pages. They really do not sum up a person nor what one person can do or is capable of.

In saying that, I have found academics want to know how qualified you are and that only seems to be through a piece of paper attained through university, whilst entrepreneurs get excited over the prospect of cross-mapping skills to achieve outcomes.

Of course then there are those that just want to sticky beak and gain insight into your psyche and or wallet, while others search for kinship whether for connection, guidance, health, financial or otherwise.

That said, my exposure, personal and professional experience, training and study is extensive and diverse, covering a multitude of fields and demographics. I have endeavoured to reference such in a simplistic nature.

However, another warning, I’m known for writing essays. Call it occupational habit. Insert tongue in cheek. Obviously there’s more to it than that, but, hey, I’m attempting to maintain a clean simple approach so no more need be said on this point at the moment.


Refer to links below.

Unfortunately,  some links are not connecting due to Jetpack and WordPress issues, as well as being due to the fact that I have had a web presence for  10 plus years.

Information and links have changed or lost over time.

Additionally, you will come to know that I have had hefty life challenges and obstacles to navigate. Obviously this has had an impact on my ability to maintain currency of the site.

Despite the above, we are working on updating, hence WIP. However, I expect the information already provided is sufficient. If not, then simply ask.


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Sports Achievements 

Fields and Industries  


Esoteric and Miscellaneous Information


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