About Dianne

In my experience, where injustice exists well-being is compromised and quality of life erodes. This affects not only individuals but healthy development and interaction of families and societies.

Justice, Well-Being and Quality of Life, particularly for the single parent and their child or children. That is what I stand for.


To impart and effect positive change and improvement to protect and enhance lives particularly in the areas of injustice, Well-Being and Quality of Life.

What is it, you are looking for?

A Diverse Background

“About” page is work in progress however I suppose the appropriate questions firstly, are:

Do you want to know about me?

What I can do for you?

Or Perhaps and Better Still

What we can achieve together to make life better?


I detest “About me” pages.

They really do not sum up a person nor what a person can do, is capable of, their failings, their learnings, their history or their contribution for others, toward society and a whole lot more.

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I have found academics want to challenge how qualified you are which historically seems to only be satisfied through a degree issued by a university. Whilst entrepreneurs rise with excitement over the prospect of cross-mapping skills to achieve outcomes regardless of a degree. They often see formal education as a hindrance to “real life”, “practical solution” and out of the box thinking.

Of course then there are those whom just want to sticky beak, gain insight into your psyche and/or your bank account, while others search for kinship whether for friendship, connection, guidance, health, financial agenda or otherwise.

That aside, my exposure, personal and professional experience, training and study is extensive and diverse encompassing a multitude of fields and demographics.

I have therefore endeavoured to reference such in a simplistic format for those whom, are not bored by and in fact, need to see tangible information.

However, forewarning two, I’m known for writing essays.

Call it occupational habit combined with a value for truth, transparency and integrity.  Yes, the truth, the whole and nothing but the truth – obviously in context means expansion. Insert tongue in cheek at this point.




You will experience errors with some links due to Jetpack and WordPress issues along with having had a web presence since 2004-2005.

Links and information change or is lost over time.

Additionally, you will come to know, I have had hefty life challenges and obstacles to navigate. Obviously this has an impact on ones ability to maintain currency of site/s. Hence WIP.

I expect information already provided is sufficient. If not, ask.

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