Esoteric and Miscellaneous Information

Esoteric and Miscellaneous Information

Dianne is –

  • a Capricorn – western astrology
  • a Fire Horse – eastern astrology
  • Master 33
  • Humanitarian
  • an Intuitive Empath
  • Noetic
  • a Creator
  • an Artist
  • a Singer
  • Sensitive and Strong
  • Diverse and Self Driven
  • On Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics Profile;








  • Creator Star Mechanic
  • Dynamo Genius


  • Absent healer for White Eagle Lodge
  • Certified Practitioner in Women’s Wellness in Australian Bush Flower Essences.
  • a Tarot Card and Insight Reader
    • Dianne obtained Certification through Biddy Tarot for industry accreditation and recognition following many years of practice and study.
  • an Archangel Life Coach – Certified by Charles Virtue (son of Doreen Virtue) obtained to enhance Life and Results Coaching. Dianne is an angelologist.
  • Certified member and Ordained Minister by Universal Life Church Monastery

Other Influences


Foster Care

Disabled children

Royal Australian Navy

Social Work/ers

Competitive Sports

White Collar Crime

Domestic Violence


Human Behaviour

Human Potential



Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics Profile Test what’s it all about?

Cut to the chase and Take the Entrepreneurial Profile Test

Further resources:

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