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Revitalization of mind, body and spirit should be the quest of every individual. Dianne Mead

Whether through blissful treatments, home care, fashion, entertainment or other individual or combined processes, your special needs must be met if you are to escape the stresses of everyday life be it city living, long work hours, financial commitments, muscular tension, relationship pressure or any of 100′s of other causes.

This is where both the tangible and intangible aspects of the senses play the largest part in optimizing health in conjunction with the mind and attitude.


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Aromatology or the use of aroma therapy cannot be denied as a main ingredient for well being.


Common Scents, Scent-ual Living, Scent-i-mental Health

The benefits of aroma to health and well being have been known since ancient times.

Aromatherapy is an ancient, true and tried healing and therapeutic practice.

In fact mixtures and application of medicines relied upon in the western world  are founded upon ancient practices and ingredients of  cultures around the globe that relied upon the benefits derived from plants using herbs and flora in medicinal and therapeutic practice.

Diverse Aromas

The aim of Diverse Aromas is to bring back into every day life, simple genetically unmodified natural essential oils for health and well being.

It wasn’t until I ventured deep into meditation and searched alternate and natural ways to combat stress and anxiety that I realized the importance of aroma to our general as well as mental well being.

Of course as a home maker and feminine woman I was into smells for perfumery from a young age but I really hadn’t given much thought to the profound impact of smell.

I’m very disappointed as there’s a hold up with progressing Diverse Aroma products but as soon as it’s available you’ll be the first to know.

I haven’t given up on the dream!

I’m only delayed by other people’s obstacles, not my conviction or belief in my visions.

If you check out the Latest News you’ll gain some understanding of the barriers and challenges I’ve experienced. I think this should be a blog entry not a page.

Check out the site, subscribe and stay tuned

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Further along in my journey through psychology I learned of the science behind smells (olfactory sense) and their affect on the brain and our association with memory.

Think the movie … “Ratatouille”

Think special occasion meals … weddings, christmas, valentine’s day, weekend brunches, coffee with girlfriends, drinks with the boys, traditional moments of celebration with food

Think …. massage …. relaxation, holidays, walks on the beach cool breeze on the face sea air through your lungs,

Think … hugsssssssssssss babies, children, lovers, sweaty workouts …

Now that which was intuitive and that which I’d come to know through experience was backed by another perspective, that of research and science with Aromatology and the ontological use of essential oils  with emotion, perception and energy.

It is without question, mental health and emotional well being specifically benefit through the use of scent be it from cooking, cleanliness, homeliness or personal and cosmetic perfumery.


Aromatherapy is the perfect way to alter moods.

There are aromas that stimulate pleasant chemical reactions in the brain and release feelings of well being and others that create a sense of relaxation.

Ylang Ylang has always been a great stimulant, while lavender calms and heals.”

Ref page 52 booklet a Perfect Calm written by Alan Hewitt and Earth Star Publishing 



Stay tuned for more information and products on aromatology  and aroma therapy for the better health and well being of you and your family.



Ahimsa Implicate Aromatology 2nd Edition Working with Essential Oils, Emotion, Perception and The Human Energy Field (Please note the previous link to this resource is no longer functional)

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