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Personal and Professional Development

Dianne has been providing training and coaching for personal and professional development, in person and online at work places and private consultation for 30+ years. To compliment her extensive repertoire she is also a certified Archangel Life Coach and *ABFE emotional essences Practitioner.

Combined with her high standing professional career in the legal industry, associated industries, leadership roles in areas of management, business management, human resource management and business administration Dianne brings an unmatched plethora of experience, understanding and insight. ENQUIRE HERE

EI Preventative Program

Along with being a Results Coach, Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnotherapy, Trainer and Certified Archangel Life Coach, Dianne is also a Certified Program Facilitator for the University of Melbourne, ‘Mindful’, Centre for Training and Research in Developmental Health, Psychiatric Department, authorised to deliver the Tuning in to Kids, emotionally intelligent parenting program. Dianne is also a Mentor for Kids at Risk

LEARN MORE about emotionally intelligent parenting and emotion coaching kids generally as a teacher and/or carer TIK

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*ABFE Australian Bush Flower Essences

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