Extended Philosophy

“No aspect of our mental life is more important to the quality and meaning of our existence than emotions. 

They are what make life worth living, or sometimes ending.”

excerpt Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy – Plato, Aristotle, Spinoza, Descartes, Hobbes, Hume


Our Greatest Virtue is Compassion

One in which the emotional capacities of empathy and sympathy (for the suffering of others) are regarded as a part of love itself, and a cornerstone of greater social interconnection and humanism — foundational to the highest principles in philosophy, society, and personhood.

Extended Philosophy and The Extended Mind

  • Every aspect of living involves our emotional self or body (we each have spiritual, mental, physical and emotional bodies). To this end a comprehensive health care system is crucial to sustain the healthy development of individuals, societies and the human race.
  • Emotion is fundamental to the function of living and key to attaining our greatest potential
  • Emotion is key to health and happiness with the pursuit of happiness a human right
  • Where we live and work, extending to physical objects and that outside the mind, must harmonize our emotional bodies (internalism and externalism). To this end, fundamental to the optimum function of individuals and family units is to live and work in environments that are pleasing to us and that cater for individual circumstances and family needs.
  • All expression is a form of emotion which is indicative of feelings and thoughts
  • The ability to achieve the attributes of compassion such as empathy, is fundamental to our sense of morals, principals for justice and our conscience, as individuals and a society
  • Expression and emotional intelligence awareness is fundamental to healing and synonymous with optimized well being
  • Every person has the right to voice and be heard, to be treated with dignity, respect and compassion
  • Every person has the right to safely express feelings
  • Every person has the right to access emotional support without ridicule or prejudice
  • Each government and beaurocracy has a responsibility to support the needs of its people including family units thereby creating an obligation to keep abreast of development in the field of emotion, the mind and whole body care
  • Each society has a responsibility to provide for and protect those less able, less fortunate and/or disadvantaged
  • The happiness of parents and  family units are paramount to the growth, sustainability and improvement of communities and society
  • Happiness and the development of emotional intelligence is critical to the developmental and social needs of our children, their children and children of future generations
  • Legislation must cater for single parent families to afford equal opportunity as couple parent and blended families in order to ensure children and families are not disadvantaged and have every opportunity to enjoy quality of life and live a life of purpose

Sometimes feelings and thoughts are reflective of each other although they are very different.

Feelings may not always benefit us but the way we feel can reflect thoughts and thought patterns which we can change along with behaviour.

Raising emotional awareness increases self confidence and improves well being

We must remain vigilant on seeking joy in every aspect of our lives, become increasingly self aware and insightful (into me I see) and practice methods of empowerment over that which negatively impacts us, including making lifestyle choices that are supportive of individuals and their families, rather than what is considered “the norm”.

Acknowledgement, Respect for and Expression of Emotion Essential for Healing

Feelings are beneficial to guide, and diagnose inner health.

They are also a  means by which our inner knowing, i.e. intuition lets us know when something is not right or when something has happened to someone we love.

Emotion is also a key component in criminal behavioural offences.

To truly understand the simplicity and complexity of emotion is to precipitate healing on many levels as individuals and society.

“Emotion is a fundamental function of living, key to attaining our greatest potential with the pursuit of happiness the right of every individual.”  Dianne Mead


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