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Dianne’s Digital Art Images for Decor and Design

Below is a sample of some of Dianne’s digital art works.

We’ll be adding more to showcase the range of colours, variations and styles available.

CONTACT US if you would like to purchase any images. Be quick if you find something you particularly like as exclusive for yourself,  before it is sold to someone else or utilized in product.

Dianne’s design portfolio encompasses a number of fields, attained over many decades following passion and instinct to formal creation from clothing and jewellery design, housing and interior design, R & D to authored writings, training material, precedent building, flow charts, marketing material, logos and stationery.

Creative Arts v Family Circumstances 

As a child Dianne drew into her teens, exiting high school years with a Level 7 on the GPA “grade point average” system for Art.

Family circumstances caused Dianne to put the pursuit of a creative career backseat to immediate employment.

Skipping forward to today, despite having had a corporate career, Dianne continued her personal journey with and through “the arts” parallel to her academic career.

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Influences and Practical Necessity

During teenage years Dianne had the influence of a grandmother as a seamstress. She learned to repair and make her own clothes, and made her Junior High School outfit from curtaining fabric.

In early adult years, Dianne progressed from treadle sewing machine to an electric machine handed down from her grandmother. The machine had sentimental value having had a life of its own,  being thrown out a window during a house fire. Subsequently it needed to be re-encased but the “Singer” sewing machine soldiered on.

As the years passed Dianne moved on to make furnishings such as cushions, curtains and roman blinds. This was followed by lingerie, taking lessons in stretch material and lace after purchasing a three thread over-locker and new computerised sewing machine in her 20’s.

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Formal Tuition

Additionally, Dianne undertook various other workshops and trainings such as ceramics, Folk Art painting, Personal Colour and Style training with Kerryn Swan Image Consultant and the then owner of Kerryn’s Fabric World Maroochydore, Watercolour and Life Drawing Painting workshop with Robin Robillard, Calligraphy classes, other modules such as Foundational Colour in Commercial Interior Design through CATC.

She has also Built two homes, worked for GJ Gardner Homes Noosa, renovated properties, researched and consulted on product development and was engaged with the Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast located at the University of the Sunshine Coast, an entrepreneurial hub for innovative enterprises.

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Digital Art

Dianne was encouraged to learn to create digital art in the form of fractals   by Stewart Lawrence who became her mentor and friend.

Stewart was an artist who had turned to digital art in his senior years.

In younger years he was a reknowned photographer in Sydney. Stewart was also once part owner of Bendigo Pottery.

Along with mentoring Dianne in the creation of fractal imagery, Stewart introduced Dianne to working with chalk pastel and Australian Fine Art Artist Louise Corke, as well as Michael Meszaros, a leading Australian sculptor.

Dianne was already very familiar with fractal imagery particularly insofar as relativity to meditation, mandalas and mindfulness. She had another friend and colleague whom was a keen hand drawer of mandalas.

Stewart has now passed away. You can learn more about Stewart here FRACTAL MASTER

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In one way or another The Arts have always supplemented my life. ~ Dianne Mead

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