Mentor Kids At Risk


Mentor for Kids at Risk

Integrated Family Youth Service (IFYS)

With a background in training, mentoring and personal life experience, undertaking training with IFYS  was merely a formality. It ensured Dianne was abreast of trends and gave further data and insight into foreseeable challenges for children, young people, families and society overall.

Mentor Kids at Risk Training

Recognised training through a reputable channel aligned Dianne with recognized authority in the industry and enhanced her extensive portfolio and range of qualifications in –

  • interpersonal skills
  • communication
  • relating with youth as opposed to ‘youth worker’ a term Dianne considers unbeneficial even harmful and contradictory to bettering relationships and outcomes
  • education
  • emotional intelligence
  • human behaviour
  • human potential

It qualified Dianne’s already gained expertise, acquired through previous consistent personal and professional development.



The Integrated Family and Youth Service (IFYS Ltd) aims to provide opportunities, in accepting environments, for CHILDREN, YOUNG PEOPLE and FAMILIES to take responsibility for their own lives and to assist them to actively participate in the community of their choice.

 Four Pillars of Practice:

1. Person Centred

The corner stone of the practice framework is a person centred approach. IFYS delivers a service informed by the needs, wishes and best interest of the service user.

2. Outcome Focused

IFYS provides services that focus on strengthening the way service users’ function and opportunities to increase and build a capacity for self reliance.

3. Culturally Responsive

Culturally responsive practice values diversity, seeks to become informed and to demonstrate a commitment to cultural development.

4. Collaborative

Collaborative practice recognises that service provision in the community sector is best undertaken within a network of government, non-government and other community supports and services.


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