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Blues on Dusk

The program, although inspired by the origin of blues and roots, is not confined to traditional blues and roots. Dianne has expanded upon traditional blues to feature artists throughout the Century.

An all encompassing two hour program from the roots of blues to the latest artists of blues, blues rock, soul, jazz, rhythm and blues, funk, gospel, other roots vibes and mixes which share and possess same deep emotional connection.

If the program is not connected by same genre it flows through shared theme, content and/or artist and era.


Country Music Revival Mix

A comprehensive 3 hour program with the latest country music artists and albums, community events, sports update, pertinent media releases and grants/funding opportunities.



Dianne first went to air at community radio station 4SDB Rainbow FM 89.3 Sunday 14 June 2015, along side Phil Buddle, President at the time.



She initially undertook radio broadcast training in 2004 with mentor Dave Daly at Sunshine Coast Radio School Noosa Junction, Noosa Queensland, Australia.

Since 2004 Dianne has consistently built upon knowledge and experience, undertaking training in presentation and platform skills, NLP and hypnosis with international leaders in psychology and human potential.

Graduating with Christopher Howard Training, international training organization and world renowned leader, Dianne became a crew member and Presentation and Platform Skills Evaluator for live events with Universal Events, events management and Christopher Howard Training Companies.

Beforehand and concurrently, Dianne spent in excess of a  decade training in singing, tone, presentation, projection and sound healing.

Dianne is a member of the Sound Healers Association International Sound Therapy.

In 2009 she became a member of the Australian Country Music Association ACMA with Yandina, Hall of Fame, Steggles Road, Yandina and Redcliffe branches.

Dianne is also a full writer member of APRA Australasian Performing Right Association Limited and a member of Australian Poetry a national community of poets.


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