Voice for Single Parents and Children

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Parenting Without Partners

Advocacy and Support for single parents

Being a voice for single parents and children is second nature for Dianne.

Dianne has been a single parent since her son Sam was 2 1/2 years of age.

In 2005, when her son Sam was only 5.66 years of age, Dianne received negligent financial advice.

The consequences of that advice, compounded by the fact that Dianne was a single parent, would resound throughout both their lives, particularly through her son’s formative years and duration of primary and senior schooling.

Consequences of the advice and actions of the financial adviser, dealer group and insurance company also weaved through other bodies illuminating failings within Australian systems and authorities such as the national regulator known as the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Centrelink, law, justice, the legal industry and education system.

Dianne knows all too well the failings within our systems, the disadvantages, prejudices and the needs of parents and their children in a single parent family unit as well as for the contact parent and extended families on both sides.

More to come…

Voice for Single Parents and Children

Awareness, assistance and extent of Advocacy and Support for the single parent and child/ren demographic, throughout the many facets of our society, is in dire need of immediate and drastic improvement.

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