Vision and Values


Values direct and sustain vision

When considering one’s vision/s, life experience and insight are the driving force for personal quests and aspirations

I acknowledge personal experience and a career that has put me in better stead than most to respond to certain circumstances and injustice which single parents and the disadvantaged are exposed.


Improved Quality of life

through supporting action

  • Education
  • Enterprise
  • Contribution

I innately believe that if we have the power to help or make positive change, it is our responsibility to do so.

Further, I strongly argue against qualifications alone being sufficient to enable comprehensive, proficient and effective systems of management and change, no matter the field.

Lived experience is a critical addition to foresight and long term effect and change. ~ Dianne Mead


  • Comprehensive Health Care System – recognised in main stream medicine, integrated into social welfare systems.
  • Eliminate stigma associated with traditional and outdated Mental Health Care attitudes, practice and terminology
  • Campaign for Suicide Awareness Prevention and Support to address the causes of anxiety, depression and suicide
  • Advocate on issues pertinent to the betterment of humanity and society, particularly issues and circumstances harmful to the welfare of disadvantaged demographics such as single parents and their children
  • Increase awareness of Emotion, Management and Emotional Intelligence in various environments, more particularly:
    • home
    • school
    • workplace
    • corporate corruption


  • Design and Create innovative enterprise supporting optimum Emotional and Mental Well-being;
    • in the home
    • in the workplace
    • through aesthetics and other pleasing and functional sensory product and service
  • Collaborate pursuant to the Vision in order to support a Charitable foundation/organisation in Australia for the purpose of improving the quality of life of Parents without Partners and their children


  • Volunteer where possible and practicable
  • Over deliver
  • Share when feasible
  • PWP organisation/foundation supporting single parents in Australia
  • Duplicate the Charitable PWP Foundation/Organisation Australian model with International sister foundations supported by industry and enterprise in the respective countries

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