Well Being

Well Being, What is it for you?

What does Well-Being look like?

How does well being play out in your life?

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Well being encompasses many facets of human existence

And is it not true, we can say, human existence encompass many facets of well being?

Have you ever thought to consider the extent to which “life”, as you’ve been conditioned to play it, supports or opposes your well being or that of someone you know?

Potential aspects of and detriment to Well Being, in order to attain and maintain optimum well-being, rely upon:

* Holistic Well-being

* Comprehensive Health Care

* Mental Health and Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Emotional Well Being and Environment

There are many examples of correlation between emotional well-being and the environment.

There are three types of correlation:

  • negative
  • positive
  • non

Environments pertain to both internal and external surroundings and circumstances.

External Environments

Externally,  an obvious example would be to consider career and job commitments versus family life balance.

Another easily recognised external environment is that of Health care systems, say public versus private health care insofaras affordability, waiting periods, treatment options and medication accessibility.

Furthermore, consider how these external environments, including access to and denial of,  affect overall well-being and mental health:

  • Conditioning
  • Welfare systems such as Centrelink, Child Support and Family Assistance
  • Legal system
  • Education
  • Trending Social Conditions and Attitudes

Internal environments

Internally, effects on well-being and emotional states can easily be recognised when you consider obvious hormonal and chemical changes in the body during or caused by:

  • Puberty
  • Pregnancy,
  • Menopause
  • Stress
  • Abuse
  • Trauma
  • Illness and Disease such as thyroid, cancer, depression
  • Health care treatment such as chemotherapy, anti-depressants, heart
  • Terminal illness

Social Conditioning

Unfortunately environment, social conditioning and other aspects of living in today’s society which affect mental well being ie our state of happiness, peace and contentment, are either dismissed as being less important or even insignificant to overall well-being.

The message society receives when healthcare is not prioritized is that healthcare is unimportant. That is to say not as important as the item or political agenda of the respective party, budget deficit, racial and/or cultural vogue topic.

That healthcare and ultimately well-being is prioritised and managed according to status and economic affordability.

Access to Tools and Resources is Segregated

While well being is common and fundamental to all human beings, people and access to healthcare is segregated.

It cannot be denied however, and is evidence proven,  that emotional support is fundamental to healthy human development and a prosperous society.

While emotion plays a formidable part in quality of life, receiving emotional support can expedite the healing process and hasten recovery time from illness and injury.

Emotional Well Being is both Compromised Abused and Wielded

From an abstract perspective we appreciate emotion is the tool of advertisers and advertisement design.

Emotion is also a gauge for effectiveness.

Emotional Well-being through the Ages

As history reveals, emotion is the mental body through which many a nation and generation or era have been and are today still manipulated and even tortured.

History reveals existence of emotional torture through the ages, spanning religious attempts of domination down to domestic violence,  National level to localized demographics.

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Emotional Well-being Corner-stone for Everything

It is my philosophy, that in fact, our emotional well being is the corner-stone for everything:

  • quality of life
  • the contributions we make to society
  • the attainment of our best health

But, we cannot achieve optimum health and well being without change.

Change which involves altering perceptions, growing awareness and developing ourselves along with changing the way we live, updating process and reforming legislation.

Basically we need to change attitude and systems to provide greater support, let alone day to day general maintenance of not just the individual, but families and communities.

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Emotion is the Driver for All Things

Emotion is the energy which drives everything, be it through an absence of emotion or to the counter end  hypersensitivity.

Aesthetics to products of practical and ergonomic design exist due to the emotion surrounding the brief, be it of the visionary or let’s say the remedy of a workplace risk.

“Emotional well being is pivotal on and for all aspects of living.”

Journey with me a while and take a look through another perspective.

“Emotion is Everything and Everything is Emotion”

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